Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holy Crud!

  I don't have a smart phone, so I sorta felt like those people in the advertisement that hear, "That was so 5 minutes ago".   I'm not getting the up to the nano-second info from ESPN or FOX that my sports fan brethren do with their i-phones.  
  That being the case I got the news of Chip Kelly's imminent departure at a birthday party I attended.   Pretending to have heard, I argued the case for him not going to the NFL, all the while acting as if the news didn't startle me.   It did, it shook me up for a second, and like A.D., Rob Mullens, I went into damage control (in my mind).   Who will fit as the next head coach?   Can they run at the pace we become accustomed to?  Will we lose recruits or current players?   A few hours later my fears were squelched (the 4G'ers knew at least an hour before me), Kelly said he had unfinished business.


Thanks for bringing back my acid reflux.

    I just got word that my Tigers have signed Prince Fielder. Really? I didn't even think they were in the running.  I found this out from my son-in-law (yep, I am sure he found out from updates on his phone).  Sorry, still obsessing about lack of instantaneous news.   If anyone knows how to sign players to long term contracts, it's Mike Ilitch.  His long-term contracts with Red Wings  Hank Zetterberg (12 years, $73 million) and Pavel Datsuyk (7 years, $46.9 million) are indications that Mr. Ilitch wants to keep talent in Detroit.  

  Prince will get (can you imagine?) the reported sum of  $214 million over 9 years.   All eyes will be on the second generation Tiger to bang out big shots next year and put them on course for their first World Series crown since the Roar of '84.  

   I can't wait until Spring Training, February 18th is just a few weeks away.  Sock it to 'em, new era Tigers!

  Finally, sports photographer John Sperry has agreed to allow my use of his photo's from court side at Matt Arena.   Here are a couple to whet your appetite.

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