Monday, January 16, 2012

Surprised? You Betcha!


Did anyone see this one coming?   Darren Thomas opts for the NFL draft?   Can't say that this was one announcement I was looking for.  I have to believe he got some incredibly bad advice to go in this year's draft.  Does he possess the tools to make it in the NFL at this time, most observers say no.   Listed at 6'3" he has the height, but at 215 lbs. (did he have weights in his pockets at the weigh in?), can his build take the shots from NFL rushers?   His accuracy has been questioned and throwing mechanics needs work.  I can't see him being drafted and will have to go the free agency route, a tough way to get your foot in the NFL locker room door.   Maybe the CFL will be a way for him to develop the skills necessary to be a candidate for NFL playing time.   I just see this as a bad move on his part.   With so many if's, it would have better suited him to continue at Oregon, hope for a great senior year, work on his graduate degree (just in case this NFL thing doesn't work out), and then take his shot.   Thomas compared himself to Cam Newton, but look at the physical difference between the two.  Newton looks solid at 248 lbs. and Thomas looks slight at a questionable 215.   Newton possess receiver speed while Thomas is so - so.   Yikes, well good luck.   I haven't always been a great fan of his, but he was a winner and pushed the program up to the next level.   I wish him well and hope he has a back up plan.


Should we panic with his loss?   I don't believe so.   We saw what Bryan Bennet can do in relief of Thomas last year.  His arm strength and running ability were impressive.

And all sources say red-shirt freshman Marcus Mariota is something special.  I actually think we take a step forward with these two at QB.

Could be an interesting Spring Game.   One worth going to, I thinks I'll be there.

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