Tuesday, December 20, 2011

'Tis The Season

Ho, Ho, Ho!
    Well blog fans, the Christmas Season is upon us.   Yes, I said Christmas, not Winter Break, not Winter Holidays, but Christmas.  I am so tired of the attempts to be politically correct at this time of year I could barf.  It's Christmas and that is why we are taking time off from school and work.  So there!   Wow, I'm a little crazed.   I guess it's due to the insanity that we call driving at this time of year.   All the blue hairs and Mr. Magoos are out in farce, er force, to clog up the roadways. 

I keep telling myself that when I get to be that age, I will take public transportation or have my driver take me places (lottery willing).   I have concluded many things about unwritten motoring rules; 
1. tailgating is mandatory
2. the speed limit is just a suggestion (most are driving 10 - 15 mph slower)
3. turn signals are optional, (it is so much better to keep them guessing)
4. merging is more of a game of Frogger than a courtesy to merging vehicles

Sock It To Them?
     Yikes, Ohio State took some major hits from the NCAA - what you mean the NCAA is now showing some guts?   I guess Terrelle Pryor won't be getting an invite to the next awards banquet for The Ohio State.  Anybody still wondering how long it will take for them to strip Auburn of their title due to the Scam Newton situation?   I say 3 years....

     All kidding aside, for those of you who have taken time to read this amateurish attempt at journalism I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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