Friday, December 23, 2011

C'mon, Really?

     I turned in late to the Las Vegas Bowl and what did I see?    On the first play I watched Boise State score and Arizona State flagged for a personal foul.   An Erikson-led team flagged for a personal foul?  Nah...

     The kicker for Va Tech was arrested for breaking and entering.   Well, at least he wasn't naked in a 3 point stance, right Beaver fans?  Makes me wonder WWLD (what would Lou do)?

      Best Buy has been airing anti-Santa advertisements during the holiday season, implying that they empower the purchasing public to be one up on Old Saint Nick.   Hmmm, way to endear yourself to the American viewer, by taking jabs at one of the most beloved icons of all time.  Great holiday tactic BB, making Santa sad...

     Nebraska center Mike Caputo originally arrested for suspicion of DUI had his charges reduced to reckless driving.   Caputo was found asleep at the wheel with the car running.   He recanted his original statement that he had just been out for a soda with Kiko Alonso (OK I made that up, but that there is funny).

      I just checked ESPN's website and clicked on the Pac-12 blog.   7 of the first 15 entries were about USC, none were about the Ducks.   Now this could be a good thing, nobody for the Ducks has been in trouble for a while, so the writers haven't had anti-Oregon material to work with.   But, on the other hand it proves my theory that writers still are in love with the Trojans.

     A local high school has informed its student body that the use of "bless you" after someone sneezes will no longer be tolerated!   Such a horrific statement could damage the forming psyche in these adolescents.  My suggestion is to say, "Sorry for your sudden, violent, spasmodic, audible expiration of breath through your nose and mouth and if you believe in a higher power may they bestow upon you a kindness".  Holy cow, oops, I better watch my mouth. 

     Stop me if you have heard this, a man walks into a Toys R Us, picks up a light saber and instantly becomes a Jedi.   If you haven't heard about this one, read about it here: Toys R Us Jedi
I wonder is he a member of this group?

     Schools in Florida have banned sagging, nice!!!   There are just some things I don't want to see.   Now how does that song go, "Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin' like a ......"

     Finally, what are you doing wasting your time on this drivel, you should be making merry with you's and your's.  Once again, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the Z's!

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