Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lions Gonna Party Like It's 1999

     Welcome back to the playoffs Lions, it's been a while.  The win over the Chargers finally got you back in the post season!  It also most likely spelled the end for former Oregon QB Norv Turner as head coach of San Diego.  Celebrate responsibly Detroiters, don't burn down the town.

     Nick (un)Fairley is still listed as doubtful for the Lions.   Is he ever going to play?   My thought is he should give back some of the $9 million he made this year ($3.3 million base with a $5.7 signing bonus).   What's that Nick, you spent it, well just contact Cecil Newton.   I understand he is good at negotiating money matters.....

     Dallas defensive coach Rob Ryan stated that Calvin Johnson would only rank 3rd among receivers on the Cowboys, behind Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.   Let's take a look at the facts, shall we?   In receiving yardage, Dez Bryant ranks 16th and Miles Austin ranks 41st in the current Player Rankings by NFL.com.   Where does Megatron rank in the elite, oh that would be #1 with over 1400 yards.    In head to head competition, CJ had 8 receptions for 96 yards and 2 TD's.   Their top receiver in that game was Laurent Robinson who ranks 18th among wide outs.   Hmm, perhaps coach Ryan should thing before he speaks.   And, if this coaching gig doesn't work out for him he's a shoe in for Fabio's double.

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