Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bar Bee Q

Flipping the channels I found a show on PBS called Barbeque U.   A couple of months ago I bought a big new fancy schmancy BBQ  (a great deal - $148 for a 4 burner stainless beauty) and have been on the look out for tips, so I tuned in.   The lead professor is not who I wanted telling me about BBQ, way too uppity.   Heck, his back yard BBQ was twice the size of our kitchen.   I want a redneck with a hillbilly accent named Bubba telling me how to BBQ.
 Those are the guys who know all the tricks I can use.  I don't want somebody who drinks a glass of carbernet (yep, he was swirling it around while he cooked) with their ribs.   He could have saved face if his drink had been Ripple or Boones Farm, or better yet a PBR, but telling me about his hand selected wine was too much.   Where is the channel changer......

 And by the way, Happy 4th everybody!
Get your barbeque on!
  A couple of hours after I posted the original blog  above, I was flipping the channels again - and what did I find?   Barbeque U, again.   This time they were grilling - are you ready for this - tofu!!!  Are you serious?  It better have mooed, oinked, or clucked to go on my grill.

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