Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Wouldn't Wanna Be....

A Mariner Pitcher
3rd best in the American League with a 3.44 team ERA, these guys are pitching their guts out.   On the other hand, hitting, dead last in the AL with a team batting average of only .224.    I understand the pitchers are planning on suing the hitters for lack of support.   15 losses in a row?

By the way Seattle, did you notice a guy you released is 4th in the AL with a .326 average?  Casey Kotchman is tearing it up with Tampa Bay, maybe somebody coached him a bit.


Compare that to the guy you owe $17 million over the next two years who is htting .182, Chone Figgins - nice move Mariner management.

A Duck Athletic Director 
Do you think these guys hope that 
maybe next summer will be nice and quiet?

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