Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ups & Downs

First a down;

Oh, Cliffy....    I was told it was bad to be hit by the stupid stick, but methinks you might have been hit by the whole stinkin' tree. wonder the coaches have held back praise, they don't know what Nacho is going to do next or if he'll be able to stay on the field.  He seems to run the gamit from All-American punt returner to All-American idiot.   We can only hope for maturity to set in real soon! 

And an up;

Can you believe the way my Tigers are playing??   Half a game out of first at this writing.  Justin Verlander with a 9 - 3 record, 2.54 ERA, do I smell an All-Star start?
Sorry, went old school (1968, to be exact).   Keep up the roar!

Another down;

Whoa, Vancouver simmer down now!    If your goalie had kept his mouth shut, you may have stood a chance.  But let's limit the rioting (sure, this suggestion coming from a guy who loves a city famous for Devil's Night riots....)

Back up again (and a biggie);

Nicklas Lidstrom picked up the Norris Trophy for the top defenseman in the NHL - for the 7th time.  Not bad for a 41 year old who has played 19 seasons. Best news, he just signed on to skate for another year!

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