Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winged Zed Week 11

The Cal game was a squeaker and I will say again, I hate late games.   Sure the money is good, but the waiting is killing me and, from the looks of things,
the Ducks Blur Offense, as well.

On to the awards!   
Two special teamers gain the award this week:
Jackson Rice
Although infrequently used 
(there was no picture available from the Cal game, this one is from 2009), 
he had 5 punts for a 42.5 yard average versus the Golden Bears.
Cliff Harris
His 64 yard punt return was definitely the scoring highlight of the night.

Honorable mention to Dion Jordan for 
his exhilarating 2 yard run for the extra point (his second this season).
HM to the WSU Cougs for finally winning a conference game, happy now GC?

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