Friday, November 5, 2010


Who holds the Canadian Football League post-season record for the longest interception return for a touchdown at 116 yards.

Give up??
None other than our own  
Kenny Wheaton!
As we get ready to play the once-dreaded Huskies this weekend, I can't help but re-live the most famous play in Oregon Football history.  We were seated in the opposite end zone when Wheaton jumped the out and intercepted Huard's pass. 

Some who were there may remember that players from the Oregon bench came on to the field as Kenny streaked to our end.   
I kept looking for flags that would call the play back, but they never flew.  
Odd, since Washington always seemed to catch 
a favorable decision from the stripes. 

But Don James was gone and so was the Huskie mystique.
On our way out of the stadium, a UW fan ran up to me and asked me if I knew the way to Pasadena, I replied I did not.  His reply was, "Figures, since the Ducks haven't been there in this century!"   Ah yes, bubba, but what have your beloved Huskies done since then?   How about these words; Lambright, Neuheisel, Gilbertson, Willingham, and now the savior of the program, Sarkisian?   
Seems like we are headed in different directions.   
Am I a hater, why yes......yes I am.


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