Sunday, November 28, 2010

Winged Zed Week 12

There is no doubt in my mind who gets the WZ this week. 
It goes to ............

My Family, 
for waiting in line 4 hours in the freezing cold outside Target on Black Friday
so that we could be one of the chosen few to buy a 40" LCD 
for me to watch the Duck - Arizona game!  

Mounted on the wall just 10 minutes before game time, it's a sight to behold.   It wasn't with out its problems, I resembled Darren McGavin in A Christmas Story as he tried to fix the furnace,
 words flying from my mouth that I would never say in front of my Mother.
But, why, oh why, can't they include a full set of instructions - and would it hurt to have a few illustrations?  Anyway, with the help of my wife ("are you sure you have the right tool" - I didn't) and my daughter, we prevailed against that wonderful piece of viewing pleasure just in time.   A note here, this TV can take the screaming and yelling just as well as the old set.

And now for the Crybaby Award
need I say more?

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