Monday, July 7, 2014

Return To Innocence

Following the anniversary of arguably the most famous speech given in sport,
I wonder will we ever see the likes of someone as gracious as Lou Gehrig in pro sports?     I can't think of one athlete that can hold a candle to the Iron Horse.   Not in football, not in today's baseball, not in my beloved hockey, and certainly not in basketball.  Money has made all the difference.  Guys like Gehrig played because they genuinely loved the game, still retaining some of that child-like innocence that we all had when we first picked up a bat.   Do me a favor, after you listen to Robert Redford, go dig out that glove and go play catch with your kids or grandkids.   See if some of that joy you experienced trickles back to you.   I think you might be surprised.

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