Friday, July 26, 2013

Dear Commissioner Goodell

Hi Roger,

     Watching the NFL network today I was treated to a recap of the brilliant rookie QB's of 2012.   I am a credit reader, so when I saw who was narrating, I thought, "not a great idea."   The rapper Ludacris provided the voice overs.   You do know you have an image problem, right?   Using someone who was fired by Pepsi due to lyrics in his pieces that glamorize drugs, violence, and disrespect of women just doesn't seem to be a wise move.  Distancing yourself from this sort of crowd might be the thing to do - just a thought.   Besides I would have done it for a fraction of the cost that he charged.   Think about me....


PS, how about that new sports agent, Jay Z?   There's a nightmare waiting to happen....

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