Monday, December 30, 2013

Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down

Marcus Mariotta returning for next year. 
Hawaii 5-0 theme will play again!

The Lions losing 6 of their last 7 to drop out of the playoffs.

Firing Jim Schwartz.  I usually empathize with coaches, having personally seen both the highs and the lows, but the Lions were not getting better and Schwartz had 5 years to move the Lions up another level.  It didn't happen.   So, he's gone.   Don't feel too badly, he gets the rest of his $12 million contract.

The Cleveland Browns firing Rob Chudzinski after one year!   Wow, talk unrealistic expectations by the Browns front office.  A turn around in one year?   Sure, and I hope you enjoy spend your lottery winnings when you cash in that winning ticket....

The Ducks Men's BB team on a roll
heading into the Pac-12 season.

Red Wings injuries.

ROKU streaming players!

Watching Netflix so much you realize it's
4 in the afternoon and you still have your pajama's on!

Those of you who read my blog.

Those of you who don't.

The NHL Winter Classic and the Olympic Hockey Tournament!

Happy New Year to you and yours 
or, as they say in Detroit, 
Happy New Year to yous.

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