Friday, February 5, 2016

Mind Control

     It has been interesting to read that my disdain for Cam Newton is all due to his race. Or so I am to believe.  The politically correct police have told us that we dislike him and his actions because we have a certain mind set towards Black quarterbacks.   Hmm, could it be we just don't like him due to his antics, history, and most importantly his beating the Ducks in the National Championship?  I find it totally ridiculous to tell me what to think - or why I think as I do.

Psychoanalysis for the masses via the media, a feeble attempt at mind control. 


Sorry, not drinking the Kool Aid you're mixing.

Let us take a look as to the foundations of my contempt for all things Scam:

1. The laptop theft at Florida.
    Newton was in on the theft of a fellow student's laptop worth $1700, and then threw it out the window when officers arrived to investigate.  He had used his login name on the computer to access the university's network which made it easy to trace it back to him. 
2. Academic cheating
   Newton turned in a paper after changing the real student's name to his.  Caught, what was his solution?  He bought a paper off the internet and turned it in.  And, once again, he was caught.
3. Turning tail
   Set to appear for a hearing in front of Florida's Student Conduct Committee, Newton ran off to Blinn College rather than face up to his academic fraud.
4. QB for sale
   Well publicized, Daddy Cecil shopped Scam around to D1 schools to the tune of $180,000.  Wait, isn't this amateur athletics?  I guess we can now put a price tag on potential Heisman trophy winners.
5. Beats Oregon
     He was a member the Auburn team that beat the Ducks in the Natty.  I am well within my rights to despise him and his team.  I still have full contempt for the San Francisco Giants who demolished my Tigers in the 2012 World Series.
6. His celebration antics
  Ahead or behind after he scores, he dances and celebrates his accomplishment.  Yes, I am old-school, believing that a spike in the end zone or a jump bump with teammates is sufficient celebration enough.  However, some of his "dances" have lasted as long as 10 seconds, a little over the top.  

As much as it hurts me to say, he is a phenomenally talented athlete whose skills I marvel at.  But, his self-promotion, his road to stardom, and his need for individual attention make me less than a fan, NOT HIS COLOR!

So all you analysts who see racial hate as a motivator for all dislikes, you will not shame me into joining the Cam Newton fan club.

And....he beat the Ducks.....

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