Sunday, February 17, 2013

Just Sayin'

     Bigotry in Canada?    Toronto pitcher Mark Buerhle will be forced to leave his family behind when he takes his place on the Blue Jays pitching staff.    His family will remain in the states so that they don't bring in a family member who is not welcome, Slater, one of their dogs.  Why?   The province of Ontario has a ban on Slater's breed, the Staffordshire Terrier.  

     Wait Staffordshire, isn't that part of England - and isn't Canada part of the British Commonwealth?   Hmmm, seems like picking on one of your own family members.  And all this time I thought the Canucks were enlightened.    I wonder if they'll place a ban on all Slovaks, after all, we are pretty intimidating, oh wait, Slovaks can play hockey, they must be OK.   Solution to the Buerhle's, teach Slater to skate and he's in!

    Recently, the IOC voted to eliminate wrestling from the 2020 Olympics.   One of the original sports in both the ancient and modern games, it seems a tragedy to drop a "founding father".   All is not lost, wrestling is in the running for the final sport in the games against seven others - baseball, karate, wushu, squash, softball, roller sports, sport climbing, and wake boarding. My vote, keep it.   We need to respect some traditions (I know this coming from a guy who loves the designated hitter) and maintain our link with past games.   Wrestling in this form has no other pinnacle, the Olympics are this sport's top honor.    When we look at the others I have a hard time thinking one of them would bump grappling.    Baseball, no, they have a pro outlet.   Karate and wushu?   Nope, we already have two martial arts in Judo and Tae Kwon Do.   Squash, roller sports, sport climbing, and wake boarding.   Get a grip, would ya?  

     Why not Recliner Chair Remote Control Switching?    Softball may be the only serious contender in this list, but I still vote for wrestling.

     After watching the WSU - UO basketball game, I think a special award is due one of the Cougar hoopsters.    In recognition of the amount of time he spent on his back, I award the Dick Fosbury Flop Award to Brock Motum. 

Sorry, the trophy just couldn't stay upright.

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