Thursday, December 27, 2012

Blue Up & Blue Out

Two NFL teams sporting blue are headed in opposite directions.   The Seahawks are on the rise while the Lions are freefalling.  

The Honolulu Blues of Detroit boasted early they would Restore the Roar, but in reality, it has been Remain the Snore.   No running game has led to too many late quarter losses.   How much longer will the Fords drive this franchise into the bottom of the league?    Isn't there some billionaire willing to take a shot at turning this team around?    The only chance this team has is if Red Wings' and Tigers' owner, Mike Illitch, puts his bucks in.   But, wait, no can do -  the NFL restricts ownership if you own any sports team in an NFL city.  So we, the few Lions fans left, are bound to become the NFL equivalent of the Cubs, "wait'll next year."  

The College Navy Blues of Seattle are among the hottest teams in the NFL, securing a playoff spot after thrashing the 49'ers.   All done with a rookie quarterback!    How can a small market team such as the Seahawks outdo the Lions?

Plain and simple, lack of leadership - it is time for a major shake up in the front office and ownership.   I wonder if Barry Sanders could front a group to buy out the kitty kats?    Sure the Lions boast some stars, but how long will it be before they go the route of #20 and walk away?    Somebody throw us a lifeline, PLEASE!! 

A hero emerges on the horizon, perhaps a great deal in the making. Former Beav, Steven Jackson, is on the last year of his contract with the going-nowhere St. Louis Rams.  Commenting on his possible retirement Jackson said,  "If I had to write my story, I’d rather go out like Barry Sanders...."   Is this an indication he would consider the Lions his last hoorah?   C'mon Fords do something right, talk to the man, offer him a 2 year deal.   Oh well, why do I feel I am talking to myself?   In this instance, I probably am, but it's the only way I can stay in intelligent company. 

My daughter bought me the Lion's 2012 draft day T. 
Some logo, and apparently they didn't.

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