Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Credit Where Credit Is Due

The announcement of LaMichael James as 
a first team All-American was amazing news.  
But as talented as LaMichael is, he owes much of his success to his  teammates.

First, the line, 
already recipients of a Winged Zed,
they're the reason for James getting 
to the second level so often.   

Second, the receivers and their blocking abilities, they're the reason James can get past the second level and waive "adios my friends" to the defense.
 To this, another Winged Zed is awarded to 
Receivers Coach,
Scott Frost

We turned a Husker into a Duck.   
An ex-QB into a receivers coach, and a damn fine one.  
Another great hire by Mike Bellotti.

In other developments,
in case you still don't know, this week is the
and I believe they play this Saturday.

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