Friday, October 22, 2010

Winged Zed Week 8

Christmas came early for me with a 60 - 13 pounding of the Bruins.  Hey  Coach Weasel, what goes around, comes around.  Nearly a perfect offensive display, the Ducks punted once in the entire game!    It is amazing that this team could be that efficient, but efficiency starts at the gut level and the guts of this team is the O Line.   Monsters on Thursday night, they made UCLA look like a scout squad D.   

Congratulations to 
Bo Thran, Carson York, Jordan Holmes, 
C.E. Kaiser and Mark Asper
for winning this week's Winged Zed. 
After this game I am reminded of lines from the classic movie,
The WaterBoy
Bobby Boucher: "So that's what a can of whoop-ass feels like."
Coach Klein: "Son, you just opened up a whole case of whoop-ass!!!"

UCLA, please return the empties for deposit....

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