Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What I Have Learned So Far

1. Don't make fun of a team until after they play the Ducks.    Must be bad Karma - for sure no Cougar is reading this blog except maybe one, sorry GC.  But on that note I must say that the logical argument presented by GC regarding trading WSU to the Mountain West was well founded and I was panned for my lack of knowledgeable research.   However, if the RG can publish with out verifying facts, why can't I??  Besides, my blog, my rules.

2. Admitting you are wrong is OK.  Darron Thomas made me eat my words, somebody please pass the ketchup.

3. West Coasters don't have the passion for hockey that I do.   I guess I need some displaced Midwesterners for readers - or how about some readers, any readers.
Is there any body out there......

4. This is National Sarcasm Month - I LIKE IT! 
In my attempt to give equal time, it is also National Pickled Pepper Month
& Apple Jack Month. 
5. I think I can keep doing this (blogging) for a little while, but what will happen when Duck Basketball season is upon us?   Oh well, maybe the women will have a good season....

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