Saturday, August 28, 2010

In The Big Inning

To start, you need to know my perspective is clouded by my favorites in order of my loyalty:

ge: University of Oregon Fighting Ducks

NHL: Detroit Red Wings

: Detroit Tigers

NFL: ???

NBA: Not gonna happen!

You probably see a trend, I am heavily influenced by my roots in the Motor City (can we still call it that?) and my
Alma Mater, the University of Oregon or Nike U.

As for the NFL and the ?'s, I can't seem to settle on a "new" favorite.  Of course, growing up, I was a Lions fan - and fiercely loyal - as horrible as they were. But with their treatment of Joey Harrington, they dropped from my roster of favorites after a very long run (a topic of one of my future rants and raves).

The NBA, are you kidding??? I can barely tolerate this group of overpaid, pampered future snapshots in a mug shot book (another future topic).

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